Client Testimonials

We work with more than 1,200 media properties to help their sales teams increase ad sales. Here’s what some of them are saying:


elite traveler  “MediaRadar helps us prospect in a strategic way like no other product I’ve ever used. It allows us to target by category, territory and even by individual sales rep.”
Norman Miller, Elite Traveler
Bloomberg Media logo “MediaRadar’s digital offerings are an incredible asset and provides huge advantages to any organization that is looking to make sense of the medium.”
– Keith Grossman, Bloomberg Media Group
Esquire logo “Our inside sales team has absolutely been killing their calls lately by utilizing the MediaRadar Contacts feature and digging into your deep insights. I haven’t seen our team this excited about a product in a very long time. Too say the least people are excited.”
– Andrea Wiener, Esquire
AARP logo “MediaRadar is delivering on all fronts. Although I’m a new user, I’m quickly incorporating the service into my daily/weekly routine. I value both the big picture perspective as well as the more granular insights.”
– Carolyn Fessler, AARP Magazine (50-59 Edition)
LiveIntent “MediaRadar has brought something very important to all sellers in the advertising space. Not only are they comprehensive with both print and digital advertising being available, but they have truly thought of the way that sellers need to see and understand the information to make it really useful. Finally a tool that seemed to be built by sellers to be used by sellers.”
– Joseph Dressler, LiveIntent logo “Everyone at The Knot tells me they love MediaRadar!”
– Howard Ladd,
Food Network Magazine logo “When I launched Food Network Magazine, I used MediaRadar instead of hiring an ad manager and got better information and was more effective as a result —and it cost a lot less than an ad manager.”
– John Boland, Food Network Magazine
ESPN logo “This is the piece of the puzzle we have been waiting for! Now we can find advertisers who spend by TERRITORY! Everyone with a territory should be using this tool. Happy prospecting!”
– Michael Beshar, ESPN the Magazine
Taunton Press logo “MediaRadar delivers the best customer service I have experienced in years.”
– Hollie Smith, Taunton Press
Meredith logo “MediaRadar is one of the best tools out there, especially for real time competitive and marketplace data.”
– Bill Shaner, Meredith Research Solutions
Hanley Wood Media logo “MediaRadar’s proven to be a strong player in the B2B market, providing real time accurate picture of market share analysis for reporting, quickly identifying print & digital opportunities for sales conversion, and providing detailed insights on the bigger picture. These elements alone set them apart from anyone else in the industry.”
– Dan Colunio, Hanley Wood Media
Active Interest Media logo “MediaRadar is a great company with amazing employees who, in my opinion, truly care about what they are doing. Thanks again for all the hard work.”
– Ileana Morales, Active Interest Media
Active Interest Media logo “Your team continues to impress me, and they are impeccable with customer service.”
– Jeff Tkach, Group Publisher, Backpacker and Climbing Magazine
Bridal Guide logo “MediaRadar has increased my sales to the next level. I’m now at the top of my game which is great for all of us here at!”
– Deborah Hewitt,
Parents Magazine logo “I’m a huge fan of MediaRadar. Having competitors’ information at my finger tips saves me tons of time. I can find out where a particular advertiser has run much faster than running a report from your competitor. I love the way it customizes just the books I’d like to see and the ability to change the time frame in seconds.”
– Julie Banfield, Parents
Weight Watchers logo “MediaRadar keeps me on top of my business. I am able to see the creative execution, the positioning, and competitors’ ads. Everyone in the magazine business should be partnering with MediaRadar.”
– Cheryl Solomon, Weight Watchers
Parade Magazine logo “MediaRadar is such a great service and is extremely accurate too!”
– Jim Hackett, Parade
Vogue logo “I love MediaRadar. It saves our lives every day! It is such a brilliant idea!”
– Shelley Vincent, Vogue
Delta Sky logo “We use MediaRadar every day. The daily alerts keep us up to date with client placements, positioning, ad spend, and news. The creative cheat-sheet shows us all client ad creative.”
– Janice Kilpatrick, Delta Sky
Redbook logo “MediaRadar is a helpful tool that we use to stay on top of advertisers and their activity across all magazines. I love the tear-sheeting, monthly page count by advertiser, visuals of creative, and positioning.”
– Terry Alvar, Redbook
Oprah Magazine logo “So fancy. I’m completely obsessed. What took so long for us to get this product?!”
– Lisa Goodman, O The Oprah Magazine
Conde Nast Traveler logo “MediaRadar provides very useful information on how advertisers are doing. We are very happy and satisfied with the product.”
– Jorge Pflucker, Conde Nast Traveler
Elle Decor logo “MediaRadar is great and our team uses it all the time!”
– Matthew Talomie, Elle Decor
Woman's Day logo “I have been in the magazine business for over 20 years, MediaRadar is a fantastic tool! It’s a must have for business today.”
– Carlos Lamadrid, Woman’s Day
Vanity Fair logo “Great service. Easy navigation of software. Timely data. Tri-fecta!!”
– David Soranno, Vanity Fair
OK! Weekly logo “MediaRadar is easily accessible, reliable, and intuitive. It is filled with useful information. The reports allow me to do my job faster, smarter and better.”
– Caitlin Riddell, OK! Weekly
Meredith logo “MediaRadar is the best tool I have ever used for tracking my accounts and where they advertise. I can’t imagine working without it!”
– Kathy Goodman, American Profile
Greenwich logo “Great product. Great service. Great value.”
– Jonathan Moffly, Greenwich
Dwell logo “MediaRadar has saved hours of time each week for our sales team. It has given us new reasons to make calls and tailor our presentations for each client’s goals based on their creative. We have dropped your competition for this effective Q3 2009.”
– Michela O’Connor Abrams, Dwell
Rolling Stone logo “I am not sure how I existed as a salesperson before MediaRadar!”
– Joe Hoffer, Rolling Stone
New York Times Magazine logo “I absolutely love this tool! It has been a wonderful resource.”
– Gabrielle Stoller, New York Times Magazine