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MediaRadar will dramatically improve your on and offline ad sales and client management.  You’ll be hooked on having accurate, real-time, integrated ad sales insights on more than 2.3 million brands at your fingertips.  Prospecting and upselling your clients have never been this easy.



Online Display Advertising

With MediaRadar it’s easy to find your top prospects within the online space. Instantly identify the largest advertisers and those willing to place high value ads. Search for any type of ad including animated, takeovers, and native advertising. You will instantly be able to determine if an advertiser is placing their ads directly or through a network. Best yet, receive integrated analysis and specific advice on what to pitch to each prospect.

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Online Video Advertising

Get the advantage you need to increase your share of the fastest growing form of online advertising. Quickly build a list of prospects who are already buying online video ads, or are likely to start. Search through video creative to see the exact context an ad ran in, and stay current with the latest competitive offerings in the online video ad arena.

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E-mail Advertising

Easily find new advertisers for your eNewsletter publications. See the ad creative, messaging, and positioning -including exclusivity- of any ad in any eNewsletter. And, with just a single click, reveal a brand’s advertising activity in e-mail, giving you the insights you need to deliver the perfect pitch to the best prospect.

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Social Media

Integrate Twitter and Facebook statistics into your sales pitches, proving to brands you have a comprehensive story to tell. See social media trends between you and your competitors and easily discover your audience overlap with any of the 2.3 million brands -and growing- we cover.

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Contact Information

Get detailed and complete contact information on thousands consumer brands and agencies, including phone numbers, physical addresses, and e-mail addresses. Updated every 90 days, receive insider tips about contacting personnel, such as time of day to call and best contacts to reach out to. Take a deeper dive by instantly accessing the LinkedIn and Twitter page of every contact directly from MediaRadar.

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Print Advertising

Find your top prospects within the print space. Instantly identify the best advertisers for you including those that place across media. When you have all the details that you need to overcome those pesky knee-jerk objections you can close the deal faster than ever. With MediaRadar, the perfect pitch is just a click away. Spend less time researching and more time selling.

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“MediaRadar is an excellent tool for researching competitive activity in the marketplace. I think that the site is the best resource that I have for analysis of my territory and the competitive landscape.”
– Andrea Wiener, Esquire

Edit Credits

Quickly and easily identify the brands your editorial covers which are not advertising with you…yet. With a click of the mouse prepare professional “Look Books” of brand mentions in seconds, helping you prove to brands that your publication is the best voice for their marketing dollars.

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Edit Mix

Reveal detailed breakdowns on over 1,000 editorial topics that you write about. Strengthen your sales by pitching to brands in the categories you write about the most—and more than your competitors. Compare the editorial categories you cover against your competitors, and show brands where you truly shine.

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