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4 Agency Business Development Tools You Can’t Live Without

4 Agency Business Development Tools You Can’t Live Without

Business development reps at agencies are busy…really busy. 

We understand you are trying to build new relationships, maintain existing ones, prepare for your next pitch, and juggle all the other day-to-day tasks that demand your attention. It really is a lot. You are tasked with growth, but often it feels like a struggle just to stay afloat. 

You are not alone…

Many of our clients feel the same as you, so we thought we would help by recommending some tools you can leverage to develop and strengthen your relationships. 

You need an easy way to monitor your interactions and correspondence with them, as well as, help finding the right leads at scale. Finally, you need to know what should say to build a meaningful relationship.  

After all, when building relationships, every prospect/client must feel like they are your only one!  

Below are 4 tools that will help you build stronger relationships and grow your business.


1. Scalable Outreach:
Toutapp logo.png

ToutApp – There are two critical features of ToutApp that can give you an edge in your email communication – the ability to see who is who is interacting with you in real time, and it makes communication scaleable. Knowing who is interacting with you in real-time helps you make that follow-up call when you are top-of-mind. 

You can also create templates for all communication including: prospecting, following up on demos, meetings, and objections as you build relationships. Customized templates help you standardize your process, but also keep communciation personalized. This is very powerful. 


2. Staying Organized:  


Trello – is a project management powerhouse. It organizes your tasks into checklists.  It’s flexible interface gives you the freedom to track all of your projects and tasks seamlessly. 

In a nutshell, Trello helps add accountability to any project. This is especially valuable when managing projects that require collaboration from a group within your agency or outside partners. Not only is it easy to use and extrememly helpful, but it is also free. 


3. Manage Your Prospects:

Salesforce Logo.png









Salesforce – For Customer Relationship Management (CRM) the undisputed champion is Salesforce. And with good reason.

Salesforce manages and analyzes all of your interactions throughout the customer lifecycle. As you build relationships, this amazing tool uses your interactions to quanitify and forecast your success in terms of business potential. The days of using Excel to manage your call lists and pipeline penetration are over! This a must have tool for agency business development reps. 


4. Who to Talk To & What to Say:

 mediaradar-logo-1000px 1.png





MediaRadar – Of course, using tools to scale your outreach, stay organized, and manage your prospects, is key to scaling your agency. But…you could still be losing hours of your day with two critical tasks. The first is figuring out who is most likely to buy from you. Second, you need to come up with the right talking points for when you get your prospect on the phone.

We can help with the above, so we just had to include ourselves on this list. 🙂

With MediaRadar you can find new prospects that are a great fit for your agency. You’ll instantly uncover new prospects for your business, see which ones are looking for new representation, get customized insights and advice that you can use to help build your pitch…oh yea, and MediaRadar will even tell you who the decision makers are and provide talking points you can use to build rapport with them. 

View spend estimates and creative across media formats. It has never been so fast or easy to compile the research needed to create a compelling pitch and land new business for your agency.


If you want to learn more quick hits and actionable strategies to help you build your agency, download our guide