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MediaRadar Native Roundup: January 2018

Native ad campaigns are continually changing. In fact, native is one of the fastest growing products in digital advertising today. In light of this, each month, we review the native ads we’ve seen and highlight the most prevalent campaigns. Perhaps you can include some of these strategies in your own native offerings.

In the MediaRadar Native Advertising Roundup, we select four noteworthy campaigns to highlight, offering insights into their native strategy. In last month’s roundup, we saw innovative campaigns from KiaImmaculate Baking CompanyTitleMax, and PNC Bank.

This month, we’re highlighting campaigns from Google, Sony, PayPal and Asurion.

Google Home


Google Home launched a campaign in December for its new Google Home Mini device. Last month, Google Home ran across nine sites, including Yahoo!, Reddit, and Vox. The brand currently has a 54% renewal rate.


Sony Electronics, Inc.


Sony recently launched a new native campaign for its line of noise cancelling headphones. Across all of its product lines, Sony Electronics ran over 3,000 native ads on 55 websites in the past 30 days.


PayPal, Inc.


After a reducing its native ads in the middle of last year, PayPal is once again ramping up its native campaigns. Last month, PayPal placed native ads on over 20 websites.


Asurion, LLC


Insurance company Asurion is new to native advertising in December. So far, we’ve tracked over 900 native ads for the brand across more than 20 different websites, including and Popular Science.


Stay tuned next month to find out which native campaigns make the cut!

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