5 Field Tested Ways to Become a Better Sales Leader

5 Field Tested Ways to Become a Better Sales Leader (1).png

Once upon a time when I was an individual contributor, I earned Sales Rep of the Year. 

It was an incredible honor and one that I had been working towards and focusing on with every passing quarter. 

As I stood on stage to accept my award, I didn’t think I could feel more proud professionally - that is until I was leading a sales team of my own and one of my reps achieved the same honor


8 Easy Conference Tips to Hone Your Productivity and Increase Value

8 Easy Ways To Make Conferences Work For You.png

As an ad sales executive, conferences are a “no-brainer” way to meet prospects.

Whether you are attending a training event, participating as a vendor, sponsor or even if your company is hosting the event, there are always great opportunities to meet new advertisers or enhance an existing relationship.


5 Quick Ways to Get Your Sales Email Opened

You'll never make a sale if no one reads your email. no one will read your email if they don't open it in the first place. Make sure your email is opened.


3 Actionable Steps to Close More Deals

You meet with your prospect, run several meetings, they tell you how much they love your proposal. But then you wait... And wait... And wait...

Unfortunately, we've all been there.


Innovating Upfronts with Digital Extensions

This year’s upfront season will have a focus on integrated ad buys. Single media channels are no longer as valuable as a standalone in our increasingly fragmented media world. Now TV networks are forced to adjust inventory offerings to meet advertiser demand for cross-platform. Brands and agencies want assurance there will be multiple touch points as part of the expensive upfront buys.


Reducing Air Bubbles in the Sales Pipeline

It’s a new year—and a fresh start for sales! How can you kill it this year and blow your goals out of the water?