5 Things Every Ad Sales Rep Should Do Every Day

Ad sales professionals have a lot to do on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. As each quarter comes and goes, and the months fly by, a single day can often seem like a blur - a flicker of time. One of the best ways for any ad sales rep to set themselves up for year-long success, however, is to focus specifically on those blurry, fast-moving, singular days. That's where having a routine comes into the equation.


6 Tips for Preparing your Sales Call

Effective sales come from cold, hard, and constant preparation. Regardless of the stage that an ad sales rep is at with a prospect, there is always going to be preparation needed to make any and every interaction a success.


6 Tips for Leaving Effective Voicemail Messages 

6 essential voicemail techniques to use to impress your prospect after the tone. Use these techniques to make sure you're leaving effective voicemails.


5 Tips for Building Relationships in a Transactional World

One of the most crucial aspects of being a strong sales person is the ability to build relationships.

Too often, do sales people focus solely on the transaction:


Build Your Story: Turning Info Into Action


It’s one thing to possess the information necessary to impress a prospect. For agency development reps, however, it’s equally important to turn that information into action.

Gathering the information necessary to impress prospect’s comes from asking the right questions.

Once you’ve done that, however, you need to find the best way to build and deliver your story within your pitch.


7 Key Things to Include in a Statement of Work

A well organized Statement of Work (SOW) is your first opportunity to show your value as partner.

When writing an SOW, it's critical that you're able to clearly define your offering and establish the guidelines of your business relationship. 


6 Conference Venue Mistakes to Avoid

Finding the right conference venue can make or break your event.

The space sets the entire vibe for your event. Each year, MediaRadar attends over 20 events, hosted by different organizers, targeting many different industries, and utilizing many different event styles.


4 Benefits of a Statement of Work

The process of forming long-lasting business relationships may seem a bit scary...

Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be.

Arming yourself with the necessary knowledge and resources can streamline the unpredictable process of forming business relationships.

For agency development reps, one of the most effective and underrated resources is a Statement of Work (SOW).


5 Basic B2B Conference Planning Tips You Can’t Skip

As a media company hosting an industry trade show or conference that is both entertaining and rewarding for your attendees, it's important to strike the right balance between education, entertainment, and networking.