AgWeb is the digital branch of Farm Journal Media, which seeks to engage farmers with editors they trust and the content they crave. The website covers everything from machinery to weather. It’s a one-stop-shop for farmers and others in the agricultural industry to keep track of commodity prices and stay ahead of the latest developments.


As a B2B website focusing on agriculture, AgWeb is challenged to drive ad sales revenues through its known traffic sources. Easier said than done. AgWeb’s sales team lost precious time trying to understand their prospects’ buying behavior, digging through piles of data, and looking up competitors. As James Arnold, VP of Sales & Operations at, explains, “Before MediaRadar, we were attempting to do much of the counting by hand. We missed huge numbers of campaigns, and this process took a great deal of resources and time to complete.”.


Now MediaRadar is AgWeb’s go-to sales tool. “MediaRadar is helping us surface campaigns in our niche industry,” Arnold says. “it’s the best way to track competitive sites we’ve found.” AgWeb uses MediaRadar’s site comparison stats to understand the direct-sold inventory. “We can easily see who is buying display ads in our space,” Arnold explains.

The sales team at AgWeb is also using MediaRadar to better service their clients and prepare the best pitch possible for prospects and upsells. By using MediaRadar’s Recommendations and Perfect Pitch Tools, they are determining who they should prospect first and what they should say to land the business. “We use MediaRadar’s powerful sales tool to look up our current client base and see where they are advertising, it also helps us find new customers and new pockets of money in the market. We are so happy the old days of labor-intensive research are over!”