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LiveIntent connects e-newsletter advertising buyers and sellers in order to place ads into third-party emails through their powerful LiveTag platform. End users see targeted ads tailored to their interests at times when they’re highly engaged—a valuable benefit for all parties. Not only does LiveIntent pursue advertisers, they also pursue publishers as part of their new business prospecting.


LiveIntent needed a comprehensive digital data set to understand where potential clients are currently running ads and to help prospects understand how LiveIntent’s unique offerings fit into their marketing strategies.


MediaRadar has wide-ranging tools that show our clients where brands are advertising in the digital realm, including e-newsletters. “We wanted to invest in MediaRadar because it was the only company with tools that comprehensively cover both website and newsletter advertising,” says Joseph Dressler, VP of National Sales. “We also knew from previous experience that their customer service made a real difference. We were a partner versus just a vendor.” Working closely with the LiveIntent sales team, a dedicated MediaRadar Account Manager helped gather custom insights in innovative ways. LiveIntent continues to use many MediaRadar tools on a daily basis, including the contact concierge service, newsletter advertising reports, custom reports, and daily email alerts.


LiveIntent directly credits MediaRadar with helping them land two large clients within the first three months of their contract. The first was a financial services company: LiveIntent learned this company was running ads in 14 of its 19 publishing partners but not in any of their newsletters. LiveIntents’s ability to highly engage with the client earned them a $100,000 RFP. The second client was a clothing retailer that was not fully utilizing all LiveIntent had to offer. “By using MediaRadar, we were able to see all of the other types of publishers where they were running ads.” says Dressler. “In Q4, we were able to increase our monthly revenue by 150%. Other sellers can learn from our experience. By doing simple preparation using great tools like MediaRadar’s, you can be a lot more strategic about your advertising partnerships.