MediaRadar Helps Laptop Magazine

Advertising sales is a non-stop business with a need for information in a flash.

Far too often, sales professionals find themselves bogged down in research and brand analysis and not enough time actually closing deals.  Adding to the challenge, marketers have more advertising mediums than ever.

Such was the case with Laptop Magazine; the sales director turned to MediaRadar to help cut through the noise and make her team more productive.  With access to an integrated platform that paints a complete picture of the sales landscape, the sales team was able to understand any potential partners’ marketing campaign in just minutes.  From spending trends to positioning to price points that would be attractive to the potential partner, MediaRadar removed research from equation, allowing the team to make twice as many sales calls.

Quantity wasn’t the only takeaway.  After knocking on Apple’s door unsuccessfully for months, MediaRadar’s Perfect Pitch tool empowered the team to position their sales pitch in a way that truly resonated.  So much so that an appointment was quickly scheduled.

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“I LOVE MediaRadar! I just got a meeting with Apple because of it. APPLE!”

ANN CANNON, Laptop Magazine, National Print Sales Manager