Saturday Evening Post Increases Revenue

Prospecting for new advertising business is crucial to any publisher.

However, with more media formats than ever, finding the best prospects for your business has become an increasingly difficult -and time consuming- task.

Looking to maximize their on and offline ad sales revenue, the Saturday Eventing Post team turned to MediaRadar.  From day one the entire sales team was able to access a number of reports specifically designed for busy sales people.  The missed business report gave suggestions for opportunities the team never considered before.  The team used upsell reports than empowered them to increase sales to existing partners, and to understand whether a partner was advertising within their print property, but not on their Web site or in their newsletters.  And individual brand reports empowered the team to craft the best possible pitch for any brand.

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Thanks for all your help. Since we hooked up with MediaRadar our ad sales revenue is up 27% the 2nd half of year and we finished up 15% for the next!”

–JACK HUBER, Associate Publisher Saturday Evening Post