Launched in 1925, The New Yorker is a flagship publication of Conde Nast. Since launch, it has established a reputation as the nation’s leading source for incisive long-form journalism (not to mention its memorable cartoons).


The New Yorker’s sales reps and their sales assistants were spending countless hours bouncing between different sales tools. They used one tool for print insights, others to view creative and digital analyses, and still others to learn about the competition. These dated sources weren’t user friendly, nor were they offering comprehensive cross-platform data about advertisers and prospects. The team at the New Yorker was determined to find creative strategies to win over new clients. They needed integrated tools to help them streamline their research and ultimately work smarter.


Marketing executives Jennifer Swanciger and Holly Sabecky turned to MediaRadar to help The New Yorker’s sales team maximize their efficiency. They found MediaRadar easy to use for a variety of tasks, from prospecting a new account to the creation of RFPs. “We love the benefit of having all the necessary information to sell to a brand in one place!” Scanciger and Sabecky explain. “Territory and Category analyses are so helpful in the creation of RFPs. You can also easily pull up an Account Review and see print and digital activity at any time and view similar advertisers. Then you can use MediaRadar Contacts to reach out to the media buyer.”

MediaRadar helps the sales team at The New Yorker prospect for new advertisers across different product verticals. “It is so easy to look across the travel and entertainment categories and see what other publications and sites are doing. We just adjust our competitive sets to look beyond our direct competition,” shared Swanciger. “We trust MediaRadar to help us do our jobs, and we love the fact that MediaRadar’s tools and services are constantly evolving as our industry changes,” adds Sabecky.