The Onion is widely known for creating satirical, comedic content that has a tendency to go viral. With an online presence that reaches 11 million unique visitors every month, The Onion has a lot to offer prospective advertisers.


The Onion’s sales team had used other ad sales databases but found them to be lacking. “These services can be wildly inaccurate and out-of-date,” says Grant Ossler, Business Analyst at The Onion. Their sales team was relegated to prospecting by hand, costing them time and money. The team knew they were missing out on a large part of the ever-expanding universe of digital advertising, but they couldn’t get the data they needed to generate enough leads. Even when the sales team found a promising prospect, they were missing one last crucial piece of data: up-to-date contact information. The Onion’s sales team had a set of major hurdles to overcome. They needed an accurate solution that tracked online data effectively and provided correct brand and agency contacts.


By utilizing MediaRadar’s extensive online database, actionable insights, and network of contacts, The Onion’s sales team was able to automate their lead generation process and create a holistic sales strategy. “We carefully study and analyze the research we have gathered from MediaRadar to be sure we understand what a particular brand is focused on and who they advertise with. We also use this information to leverage ourselves above other brands by creating the best picture possible from the analytics provided,” says Ossler. The Onion’s team has already seen early success in Q1 2015. They expect to see a measurable increase in the number of leads their reps are reaching out to as well as the new business that MediaRadar can help them land. “I think the biggest thing others can learn from how we are using MediaRadar is that there are so many other brands out there that are looking for unique and creative digital solutions,” says Ossler. “You can completely expand your reach just by digging into your competitive set.”