Cross-Platform Trends: a changing landscape

After analyzing some of the largest national consumer magazines and their digital properties, we found some interesting trends we’d like to share with you. From desktop domination to mobile maturity, emergence of online video and where print stands – the advertising landscape continues to

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TV Spending Moving Over to Digital

Linear TV ad spending is projected at $66B in 2016. With digital stealing away TV ad spending dollars, 2 questions remain; how much money has shifted already from TV to digital and why? As it stands, $1.5B had already shifted from TV to digital in

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Reducing Air Bubbles in the Sales Pipeline

It’s a new year—and a fresh start for sales! How can you kill it this year and blow your goals out of the water?

What’s the biggest pain point for ad sales reps? A common problem with the sales processes is developing “air bubbles” in

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Top 8 Tips to Get Your Sales Email Read

You’ll never make the sale if no one reads your email! Emails are often a first touch point for new prospects—but most people receive over 200 emails a day. So how do you stand out in a chaotic, overflowing inbox to get clicks and

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens– What did MediaRadar pick up on?

It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. Nearly 10 years after the last live-action Star Wars film, the film garnered exponential attention and excitement, peaking our interest in how marketing for one of the biggest

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What does adopting Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages really mean for publisher’s?

Google has introduced a product that is in its beginning stages called Google AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages). However, despite its effectual benefits towards mobile users and advertisers, there are already existing concerns within the publishing world with the arrival of this tool.

First, let’s understand what Google AMP does.

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