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13 Companies That You’ll Truly Love Working For


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13 Companies That You’ll Truly Love Working For
by Alyse Kalish

Love is in the air—can’t you feel it?

No, I’m not referring to significant others, heart-shaped candy, or flowers. I’m talking about people loving their jobs—and not just on February 14, but every day.

Want to know their secret? You’re in luck, because we’ve found 13 companies that we guarantee you’ll fall madly in love with—because we know their employees already have. And they’re single and ready to mingle (a.k.a., hiring tons of new employees)!

So while you’re stuffing your face with chocolate this week, why not also find your next dream job?

1. MuleSoft



MuleSoft has emerged as one of the fastest-growing companies in enterprise software. The team there believes that when everything is connected, anything is possible.

From first thing in the morning to well after work, MuleSoft makes sure that staffers are well looked after and comfortable in the office. A Wi-Fi equipped bus delivers South Bay commuters directly to the office’s downtown San Francisco address, and, during the day, a scrumptiously stocked snack pantry is at every employee’s disposal. As a much appreciated reward, happy hours often await employees, keeping co-workers engaged and connected.

“The people here are my friends—and my family,” says Tracy Truong, Team Lead of Account Development. “I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of the incredible team here.”

2. Reebok


By designing exclusively for the athlete—professional, recreational, or enthusiast—Reebok became a top global fitness brand. The company views fitness as a lifestyle—and is set on enforcing its mission to keep exercise exciting.

So for employees at Reebok, being active is more than a hobby—it’s a culture that bonds team members as a company and a community. At Reebok’s campus, team members can grab a quick morning, lunch, or evening workout class at the company’s onsite gym or CrossFit box. They can also participate in “Campus Fitness Days”—team-building company events that include running, hiking, dancing, yoga, and more.

Reebok’s “fit for life” philosophy also supports its employees in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Dedicated to providing employees with flexibility and convenience as they work, the company offers child care facilities and parent-child offices on location.

3. PivotDesk


PivotDesk is an office-sharing marketplace that helps entrepreneurs build great companies—by matching organizations in need of office space with companies that have it.

“As an early, but not founding, team member of PivotDesk, I’ve seen the company grow and evolve. That multi-year path has included both professional and personal challenges that were overcome through the support of the team and its management. I’ve never before worked on a team that has added or subtracted members while staying one supportive, cohesive group focused on growing together,” shares one PivotDesk employee.

PivotDesk supports an “Employee Happiness Initiative” that encourages its team to find that ideal work-life balance. Thus, it offers employees unlimited vacation and stock options for long-term happiness and weekly happy hours and “Festify”—the company’s rockin’ music selection that plays all day in the office—for happiness every day of the week.

4. The Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal.png

The Wall Street Journal enables readers to take part in an international conversation on business, politics, technology, and culture, providing unparalleled news reporting from more than 1,800 journalists in 45 countries. In addition, it boasts a community of more than 36 million digital visitors per month worldwide.

“Being at the Journal means getting to work on a product that matters, where every day is driven by big ideas and broad collaboration. Best of all, you do the job alongside a couple thousand of the smartest people on planet Earth,” says Nikki Waller, Bureau Chief.

5. Lithium


Lithium’s technology allows companies to create tailored community platforms on their web and social properties. With its unique suite of advanced tools, Lithium help brands like Sephora and The Home Depot grow their fan bases, drive sales, and reduce service costs.

Lithium employees love to play, and they enjoy taking time to unwind with games almost every night of the week. With ping-pong, pool, foosball, video games, board games, and puzzles, the office can get a little competitive from time to time, but it’s all in the name of fun and bonding.

“We are all in this together. It’s a very supportive work environment,” says Cherry Meng, a software engineer.

6. Financial Finesse

Financial Finesse.png

Financial Finesse’s financial wellness programs have helped more than 2.4 million employees in over 600 companies reduce financial stress, maximize benefits, and make wiser financial decisions.

And employees are beyond proud of what they do. Take it from Linda Robertson, a senior financial planner:

“Coming to Financial Finesse was the best career move for me in the 18 years I have been in the financial services industry. No sales pressure, the ability to work from home, and the fact that every day is so different from the next suits me well. There is never a dull moment with the combination of workshops, one-on-one meetings, taking helpline calls, and being a creative force with new workshop and content materials. Best of all, knowing that I am truly able to empower an individual to become financially fit without any hidden agendas or product quotas is what I see as the most unique aspect of my career—which I did not have previously working in both the banking and insurance industries.”

7. Circa Healthcare

Circa Healthcare.png

Circa Healthcare focuses efforts on the animal healthcare industry, but it also serves the needs of a range of other players—including pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics, and biotechnology companies.

“Here at Circa Healthcare, the company affords you the opportunity to be passionate about what you do,” shares Information Strategist Mia Martino Yang.

When they’re not happily helping animals, the Circa Healthcare team takes every opportunity to celebrate with each other outside of work—whether it’s a small outing like an ice cream social or a bigger event like heading to an orchard for hayrides and a barbecue. The Circa Healthcare team also tries to celebrate every holiday it can together—the office favorite being Halloween.

8. Vynamic


Vynamic is a healthcare industry management consulting firm dedicated to helping clients navigate the exciting industry change that lies ahead and driven by a belief that there’s a better way.

Vynamic’s motto, “Life is Short—Work Healthy,” drives traditions around the office. The company’s zzzMail policy forbids the team from sending work emails on holidays, weekends, and weeknights, supporting a healthy recharge that empowers the team to disconnect. Another tradition includes Friday “Healthy Hour”—which can be anything from yoga and cooking lessons to guest speakers.

One of the other things that distinguishes Vynamic from other consulting companies is the ability for team members to choose their projects based on their interest in the work and location. Employees are given any chance to travel, explore other aspects of the industry, and pick up new key skills—resulting in great work, happy clients, and even happier employees.

9. Fortegra


Fortegra is a versatile insurance company that offers credit protection, warranty, and life insurance products. Fortegra also covers consumers beyond the typical life, health, home, and auto plans—the company’s adaptable product line provides relief for everyday setbacks, from lost cell phones and car trouble to broken appliances and job loss.

According to the team, Fortegra makes it a point to invest in its team members’ professional growth—so it’s no surprise that employees are promoted from within company ranks. The company also makes it a point to support individuals’ personal growth, hosting various events throughout the year—including Ugly Sweater Day, Veteran’s Appreciation Day, and a festive Christmas party.

“My favorite part about working at Fortegra is that we respect the boundaries of work-life balance here,” says Scott McLaren, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.

10. MediaRadar


MediaRadar is a cloud-based ad sales information service, helping websites, magazines, and newspapers dramatically improve ad sales and client management.

At MediaRadar, employees are encouraged to have fun and develop company rapport, whether its through office ping-pong or spending their free time socializing with peers at local bars in the heart of NYC. Team members also get to know each other well at plenty of the company’s holiday functions. Last year’s festivities? Playing team-building sport games at Chelsea Piers.

“The culture here is young, hip, and friendly—I feel so incredibly welcome here,” says Jacqueline Kesicki, an account executive.


11. Bridgespan


The Bridgespan Group helps social sector leaders, from civic engagement to sustainability, scale the impact of their organizations by helping them build their leadership, advance the effectiveness of their philanthropy, and accelerate their learning.

And the outcome is huge for both clients and employees: “I’m inspired by the people that I work with. We’re all here because we care about making the world a better place,” says Mandy Taft-Pearman, COO.

Though Bridgespan tackles serious challenges, employees still value a good sense of humor. The entertainment portion of company retreats is one of Taft-Pearman’s favorite office traditions. Employees from different offices or teams poke fun at themselves with a hilarious display of videos, skits, dances, and music videos. Colleagues aren’t afraid to lighten up and all share in Bridgespan’s funniest moments.

12. Grasshopper


Founded by two entrepreneurs in 2003, Grasshopper is dedicated to making it easier to start and grow small businesses. The company sets out to empower entrepreneurs with a product that enables businesses to sound more professional and stay connected, and it also offers resources and guides to help small business owners succeed.

Grasshopper has an amazing team and culture. The environment is open and inviting, which makes it easy for everyone to collaborate and have fun. And there are many perks—including a kitchen always stocked with snacks and drinks, flexible work hours, a pool table, the option for standing workstations, and even Uggs to wear around the office during the winter season.

13. Ironhack


Ironhack is an education startup aiming to change the way people learn about technology, working with extremely motivated students who want to change career directions or turbocharge their current professional path.

Ironhack’s offices are in a co-working space,, which is a collaborative workspace for businesses and individuals in the tech ecosystem. Sharing a stage with like-minded folks gives the team plenty of access to tech networking events, the opportunity to beta test other businesses’ applications, and exposure to the growth and development of its startup neighbors.

“The most beautiful thing about working at Ironhack is the quality of people we meet on a daily basis. It’s so inspiring and exciting to see people from all walks of life make the investment in themselves to learn something so new and yet so vital,” says Alia Poonawala, Marketing and Community Manager.