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the man in the high castle

Amazon takes the lead in OTT advertising with ‘The Man in the High Castle’ at the forefront


ManInTheHighCastle.jpgThe DRUM– For the end of December, Amazon was in the lead for advertising the most number of TV shows. Here’s the full analysis.



  • Amazon advertised the highest number of TV shows with 16. The most prevalent of these was The Man in the High Castle, which ran on 24 networks and 12 websites.
  • Amazon also spends far more on TV advertising than its competitors, running ads on 28 networks, more than double its closest competitor, Hulu, which ran on 10.
  • Both Netflix and Hulu ran on a comparatively high number of sites, at 36 and 48 respectively. Hulu, however, places a much higher emphasis on high CPM video ads, with 21 unique video ads, all of which were devoted to its original series, Shut Eye.
  • Carbon TV, go90, and SeeSo all advertised more shows than the prior two weeks SeeSo and CarbonTV, each increased by 50%. They placed the most empasis on two original shows, HarmonQuest (SeeSo) and American Harvest (Carbon TV).
  • Hulu’s digital ad spend normalized greatly from the first half of December, dropping from 201 sites to 48. MotorTrend On Demand’s digital presence also dropped dramatically from 10 sites to one.

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