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Cross-Media Ad Selling Expected to Rise for TV Advertisers




With traditional TV viewing continuing to show declines, a greater percentage of traditional TV-based TV advertisers are making more cross-platform deals on TV-related digital media areas.
Some 5,598 marketers placed commercials on traditional TV networks — broadcast and cable — in the first half of 2016, with 40% of those also buying digital media on TV-related Web sites, according to MediaRadar, a media researcher.

Research also shows that 60% of these marketers placed ads in overall digital media formats, including desktop, native and mobile, while 18% also bought online video and 22% only bought ads on TV.

MediaRadar goes on to say there were 49,305 advertisers that made digital media deals on national consumer Web sites in the first half of 2016 — with 77% only buying digital media; 16% placing ads in print and digital, and just 7% buying TV and digital media.

With digital media looking to overtake traditional TV soon in total annual advertising spending, according to many analysts, MediaRadar says there will be more cross-platform media selling to come — partly fueled by traditional TV programming viewing declines and a rising number of scripted national TV shows.