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Facebook to start testing mid-roll video ads



CYNOPSIS – Good morning. It’s Tuesday January 10, 2017 and this is your first early morning digital briefing.

Yahoo Finance has reported that Brick and Mortar retail stores like JC Penney, Sears and Macy’s were taking a hit with online holiday shopping options like Amazon and As the holiday season kicked off, MediaRadar, the ad sales intelligence company that tracks how ad dollars are spent, took a look at the advertising of eight large retailers. MediaRadar, which shared its data with Cynopsis Digital, found that only Target increased its advertising in print, online and TV from October – November 2016 vs. the same time last year.

Target’s estimated TV spend was $103mm during this two month period. This represents a 54% increase over last year. They also increased their online ad placements by 161% YOY.
– In the last ten years, the market value of Sear’s has dropped 95%; the company’s struggle was apparent this holiday season. During October and November of 2016, Sears print advertising decreased slightly (5%) from last year. Their TV and online investments are down significantly 53% and 72% respectively.

– JC Penney increased their TV advertising investment this by 49%. From October – November of 2016 they spent an estimated $54mm. Also, out of all the retailers, MediaRadar reviewed, JC Penney invests the least in online, and even decreased their online placement score by 7% year-over-year.

Kohl’s, which targets a similar buyer as JC Penney, had also adjusted their strategy during this past holiday season; they increased their print advertising during this time by 59% YOY. Most of this increase came from advertisements inserted into regional newspapers.

Walmart announced its acquisition of in August of 2016. As the holiday season kicked off, there is an apparent shift in advertising strategy. From October – November 2015, invested in national TV advertising. This season, however, they decreased their national TV presence to virtually nothing and had kicked up their online ad placement considerably – over 25000%!!! This was by far the largest investment in online advertising from any of the retailers MediaRadar looked at, including Amazon.

– As the 2016 holiday season kicked off, Amazon made a huge push on TV. They spent over $135mm on national TV spots; this is a 76% increase over last year during the same time. It is also the largest national TV investment made by any of the retailers MediaRadar reviewed, an estimated $16 million more than #2 Walmart. To compliment the TV push, Amazon also increased their online placement score by 224% YOY.



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