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How Brands Benefit From Partnering With Trusted News Sources



AdWeek – Reuters called this past year “the year the media became the headline” in the release of its Tomorrow’s News 2017 report. The news publisher surveyed more than 1,700 users in April and May of this year to discuss advertising, awareness and perception of other news websites.

As the news cycle has developed, the study from Reuters has found that news consumers are fact-checking their news stories with other sources more often than before and they’re also more inclined sniff out sensationalism.

Of those surveyed, 57 percent agreed that trustworthy content is the top factor that makes online news brands appealing, and 54 percent believe they are more likely to notice an ad if it appears on a trusted news site.

This study is released two days after a MediaRadar report found conservative-leaning sites like Breitbart has lost 90 percent of their advertisers in the past three months; 242 brands were partnered with Breitbart in March 2017 and that number, according to MediaRadar, fell to 26 brands as of May 2017.

Traffic to Breitbart has also fallen by 13 percent from last year to 10.8 million unique views in April 2017.

Other conservative news sites, such as Townhall, The Blaze and National Review, also saw declines in advertisers, though none as steep of a decline as Breitbart’s.

A large majority of responders to the Reuters survey, 87 percent, agreed that it is damaging for a brand to advertise on a news site associated with a fake news story. 57 percent of those surveyed agreed that they would have a more favorable opinion of a brand if it appeared on a trusted news site. And 83 percent tend to trust well-known news brands and always check the accuracy of shared news from other sources, that’s up 6 percent from 2016.

This is the second year Reuters has conducted the Tomorrow’s News survey across its global users and will be discussed at two separate panels on June 8 in New York and on June 14 in London.


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