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Hulu and Amazon make the biggest push OTT advertising as February begins


The Drum – For the beginning of February, Hulu and Amazon were in the lead. Here’s the chart and full insights.



  • Advertising is down across the board, with Go90 and SeeSo not advertising at all, and MotorTrend On Demand only advertising one show on one network.
  • Hulu and Amazon, made the biggest push in terms of TV advertising running on 25 and 22 networks respectively. Comparing the number of unique digital video ads these providers ran is an entirely different story, as Amazon had 67 different and Hulu had just one.
  • Amazon also ran on the most websites, at 56 with Netflix coming in second at 38. These rankings hold true for number of shows advertised as well, with Amazon at 18 and Netflix at 11.
  • Amazon Studios broke new ground this award season with its production, Manchester by the Sea being nominated for six Oscars. Netflix has been nominated 5 times, all in the documentary category.
  • The one show Motor Trend promoted was Race of Champions, AOL promoted only its original series, Connected, and Carbon TV advertised American Harvest and Growing Deer exclusively.

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