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Hulu Increases Marketing as Netflix Slows Theirs Down



Found Remote recently launched a new partnership with MediaRadar, a leading ad-sales intelligence platform to understand how the major OTT platforms are diversifying their marketing efforts.

For the end of October, Netflix was still in the lead but decreased their marketing by 44%. Hulu on the other hand increased the number of shows they marketed from 3 to 9. Here are the full insights.




  • Hulu increased the number of shows they are promoting from 3 to 9. They also began to advertise across all platforms. Whereas in September they marketed to 3 sites they are now actively across 22 websites and 12 networks. The top shows promoted were The Mindy Project, Blindspot, Chance, and Empire.
  • Netflix remained the top cross-platform advertiser. They promoted 10 shows. Luke Cage was marketed across both TV and online.
  • Amanda Knox was promoted significantly as a Netflix original series–which debuted on Sept. 30th. It was promoted across 3 networks with 4 video spots. The controversial documentary has received a lot of PR buzz and social media attention. According to Brandwatch, there were nearly 50,000 mentions of the documentary between September 1st to October 5th on social.
  • Despite the promotion for Amanda Knox, Netflix decreased their marketing by 44%. This is not entirely surprising however. In early September Netflix was still actively marketing their shows in advance of the Emmy’s.
  • Hulu began promotion across TV networks. Previously Hulu hadn’t placed any traditional TV ads, but last week they placed ads across 12 TV networks. All of those placements were for The Mindy Project, which became a Hulu original series for Series 4 (formerly airing on FOX).
  • Amazon’s advertising was mostly split between Transparent and Bosch. Each represented 45% of Amazon’s ad placement. This is a big shift from the last period where almost all ads were promoting Transparent.

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