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MediaRadar Announces Partnership with the Software and Industry Association’s Connectiv Division


EContent – MediaRadar, an advertising sales intelligence platform, announced a partnership with Connectiv, a division of the Software and Industry Information Association (SIIA) that accelerates innovation for content, data, and technology companies. With the partnership, MediaRadar will provide in-depth B2B digital and print advertising sales intelligence for the association’s ongoing series of industry analytics and research reports. MediaRadar’s B2B ad sales data will also be leveraged by Connectiv for its annual Business Information & Media Summit. 

MediaRadar is a cloud-based platform using data science to provide advertising sales intelligence on more than 2.3 million brands across multiple media platforms, including: online, print, linear TV, social media, and newsletters. Ad sales professionals, management and research teams use these insights to more effectively and efficiently get more qualified leads, create high-performance sales pitches, and close more deals.

In partnering with Connectiv, MediaRadar will leverage its technology to contribute digital and print ad sales intelligence for many of the association’s resources available to its members. Likewise, Connectiv’s monthly, quarterly, half and full-year media and advertising analyses will also incorporate MediaRadar data.


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