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MediaRadar & MagHub Enter New Data Partnership, Making It Easier for Ad Sales Teams to Access & Activate Intelligence

NEW YORK, NY—September 19, 2017—MediaRadar, the leading intelligence platform for ad sales teams, today announced a new data integration partnership with Aysling’s MagHub. The partnership gives MagHub users access to more data and advertising intelligence from whichever platforms they’re using. In doing so, ad sales professionals, sales management and research teams can use these insights more effectively to find qualified leads, create high-performance sales pitches, and close more deals.  

“Sales teams want access to more granular advertising data – and they want it without having to switch across platforms,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-Founder of MediaRadar. “By bringing our data directly to complimentary services like MagHub, we’re widening the ecosystem of products that carry our insights, and delivering on those needs. This will help more ad sales and research teams take immediate advantage of ad intelligence and make smarter decisions that drive value for their business.”

MediaRadar is a cloud-based platform that uses data science to provide advertising sales intelligence on millions of brands across multiple media channels, including online, print, linear TV, and newsletters. The platform distills multi-channel ad sales data into actionable competitive insights, brand analysis, prospecting reports and more. Users leverage these insights to find the best prospects and have successful sales conversations.

MagHub is an ERP system for publishers and a business management tool built specifically for the publishing industry. From sales and contact management to issue design and layout, their full feature set provides everything needed to run a media business.

With the new partnership, publishers who are customers of both MagHub and MediaRadar will be able to match the company records in their MagHub accounts with MediaRadar companies – then use special links embedded in MagHub to pop up MediaRadar account reviews, creative cheat sheets and perfect pitch pages. With this partnership, MagHub and MediaRadar users will have easier access to ad sales intelligence without leaving the service, streamlining data implementation and use.


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