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MediaRadar Ranked Number 15 on Mogul’s List of Top 100 Companies for Millennial Women to Work in 2017

New York, NY – June 7, 2017 – MediaRadar is honored to be recognized as one of Mogul’s Top 100 companies for Millennial Women to Work.

Mogul is an award-winning platform for women worldwide that enables them to share their voice, exchange information, and access knowledge. To create this ranking, Mogul compiled results from an extensive two-year process of interviews, research, and employee surveys.

According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 67.8% of Millennial women are in the workforce, compared to 73.1% of their male counterparts. Mogul’s Top 100 Companies for Millennial Women in 2017 list not only looks at companies that bridge the gender gap, but also considers companies with supportive environments that have women in high leadership positions.

“It is wild to me that studies find only 10-20% of corporate leadership today is female- we’re proud to say that 50% of MediaRadar leaders are women.” says Elizabeth Flood, MediaRadar’s Human Resources Director

Companies that make Mogul’s list are not only bridging the gender gap, but also actively embracing initiatives to ensure they remain all-inclusive.

MediaRadar prides itself on having an open and safe environment for all company-wide. In support of this, they embrace the modern workplace, replacing traditional bland, overly formal cubicles with bright, homey, and informal open workspaces. These office features help create an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

Flood continues, “This is a major honor for MediaRadar!  We will continue to be an inclusive organization and maintain our efforts to build a diverse team of highly talented people. Receiving this award is a victory for all Radarians!”

More about Mogul’s list of Top 100 Companies for Millennial Women in 2017 is available here:


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Mogul is an award-winning technology platform reaching millions of women per week across 196 countries and 30,470 cities. Mogul is ultimately democratizing information for women worldwide by enabling users to connect, share information, and access knowledge from each other. Through the Mogul At Work division, Mogul’s partnerships with Fortune 500 companies worldwide, such as Danone, The Estée Lauder Companies, Hearst, and Samsung, enable Mogul to impact and influence the ways in which companies communicate with women in the workplace, accelerating their ability to attract, retain, and advance diverse talent. Our partners showcase their employer profiles on Mogul, post jobs, collaborate on cinematic video productions of their workplace, and access our award-winning webinars. For every $1 that Mogul earns, Mogul distributes free education resources to 1 woman in need through international partners such as UN Women.