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MediaRadar Report Reveals 37 Percent of Publishers Not Native Compliant

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Mobile Advertising Watch – MAW was briefed by MediaRadar this week on its fresh study which reports on native advertising trends in 2016. “Leaders and Lessons in Native Advertising” — the result of analysis of thousands of native ads from 12,965 brands — reveals that 37 percent of digital publishers are still not native compliant.

MediaRadar, a leading advertising sales intelligence platform, uses data science to provide advertising sales intelligence on more than 2.3 million brands across multiple media channels, including online, print, linear TV, social media, and newsletters.

“Native is a compelling and profitable way for publishers to offer custom ad opportunities in the form of articles, video, programmatic, and even sound,” Todd Krizelman, the CEO and co-founder of MediaRadar told MAW. “It also provides a creative outlet for marketers, resulting in increased demand and desirability for publishers.”

The report includes information on the latest Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report showing that at the time of the December, 2016 study, only 29 percent of publisher sites examined were compliant.

“In 2015, less than a third of publishers complied with the FTC’s native guidelines upon launch,” said Krizelman. “But adoption has grown meaningfully in just 12 months. More publishers have familiarized themselves with the rules and are observing them. But there is still room for improvement.”

It remains an important issue since adoption and demand for native ad content is extremely high, with an average of 610 new advertisers using native content solutions each month.

“Many of these advertisers are open to purchasing digital packages—not just native as a standalone,” added Krizelman. “This is good news for publisher ad sales because native continues to drive bigger deals for more revenue.”

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