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MediaRadar Rising Star: Marie Moffatt

MediaRadar Senior Account Manager, Marie Moffatt, was recently recognized as a“Rising Star” by Folio:’s Annual Top Women in Media. Read more about Marie’s accomplishments below:

Marie Moffatt is a Senior Account Manager at MediaRadar who began her tenure as the firm was preparing for its largest growth period in company history. MediaRadar was founded with the goal of revolutionizing the way big data, Web software, and customer service come together to help publishers and advertising sales teams achieve sustained success. The success of MediaRadar is directly tied to the quality of the data and service we provide to our customers. When Moffatt was hired in 2012, MediaRadar had 50 employees. Today, the company boasts over 300 employees worldwide, and Moffatt’s endeavors have been a large part in helping achieve that growth.

Throughout her tenure, in one form or another, Moffatt has touched all of the 1,500 media properties that are MediaRadar’s clients. She regularly fulfills the needs of over 2,000 MediaRadar users, the largest of any MediaRadar Account Manager. This includes some of the largest publishers known across the industry and the world as heavy hitters. With that responsibility on her shoulders, Moffatt doesn’t flinch at a challenge and fields the toughest of questions with finesse. On average per week, Moffatt assembles five detailed custom reports, leads five customized trainings, answers client inquiries and requests, mentors her team, and much more. She also contributes to improving MediaRadar’s products and processes based on what she sees while interacting with clients: Moffatt sends numerous internal requests and inquiries to other departments to improve the client experience. Moffatt is indispensable to the MediaRadar team, which has been recognized as she was promoted from Account Manager to Senior Account Manager within two years.

Moffatt oversees a team of three, but her daily impact and contribution to MediaRadar is felt by many more. Her specialties lie in creating a meaningful rapport with her clients and co-workers, going the extra mile, leading her team, and proactively addressing needs. Moffatt is quick to identify client needs – sometimes before they do – and provides solutions, advice, and powerful insights that endear her clients to the company. MediaRadar’s client retention rate is 95%, which in part, can certainly be attributed to Moffatt’s extraordinary efforts and capabilities. A prime example of Moffatt’s exceptional leadership, talents, and willingness to go above and beyond is illustrated when she took her personal time and energy to help a struggling Customer Service Representative. The Rep had just begun at the company and, even after extensive training, was having a difficult time connecting with clients, servicing their needs, and gaining clients’ trust. Moffatt took the Rep under her wing and spent countless hours mentoring, instructing, and coaching until it finally clicked. Today, that same Rep has progressed to a place where she now supports MediaRadar’s fastest growing segment, international publications, and is a key partner with our production team.

Moffatt is a true rising star at MediaRadar. We’re proud and grateful to have her on our team – and so are our clients!