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Netflix and Amazon leading OTT Advertising at the beginning of February


The Drum – For the beginning of February, Netflix took the lead.



  • Hulu’s most widespread advertising was focused on The Path, which ran on 21 networks and 30 websites. Amazon, on the other hand, concentrated their efforts on The Grand Tour, which ran on 13 networks and 21 websites.
  • Two OTT providers took the plunge, and spent big money on the big game. Hulu and Netflix both spent an estimated 5 million per spot in the Super Bowl. Stranger Things (Netflix) ran once, and The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) actually ran twice due to extra time.
  • SeeSo advertised one program exclusively, The Cyanide and Happiness Show, across three sites. Motor Trend took a similar course, marketing two shows on two websites.
  • go90 heavily advertised its poignant original, Embeds, a fictional show about political reporters following the personal lives of presidential candidates.
  • Carbon continued to market American Harvest and Growing Deer, with both programs being advertised on the same two sites.

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