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Netflix leads the charge in OTT marketing as the summer heats up


OTT Network Marketing

Found Remote is continuing our partnership with MediaRadar, a leading ad-sales intelligence platform to understand how the major OTT platforms are diversifying their marketing efforts. Here are the insights the beginning of the summer.

  • Amazon made a massive push in the digital space over the past three weeks. Overall they advertised on 141 sites. The heaviest concentration went to Catastrophe and Bosch.
  • In the TV space, Hulu advertised Fear the Walking Dead on 29 channels and a Handmaid’s Tale on 20. Next closest was Netlfix’s House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey, host of this year’s Tony Awards.
  • Seeso marketed Hidden America with Jonah Ray on 23 sites. It is a parody travel show, and its second season came out in May. The protagonist, Ray, is joined by Anthony Bourdain and Joel Hodgson to name a few.
  • American Elements (CarbonTV), Roadkill (Motor Trend), and Super Fan Builds (go90) were the top advertised show on their respective providers.
  • June represents a big month for Netflix with two of its flagship shows, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, entering their fifth seasons. This longevity shows just how far OTT has come.

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