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MediaRadar Agency Roundup: August 2018

STUDY: Amazon Tops List of Programmatic Spenders

MediaRadar also finds that the amount of companies who place all of their native ads programatically is up 10% year-over-year

New York, NY—July XX, 2018—MediaRadar, the leading advertising intelligence and sales enablement platform, today announced the results of a new study, analyzing the top programmatic spenders. EMarketer predicts that more than $46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US this year, with 86.2% of all digital display ads bought programmatically by 2020.1 But who is spending the most on programmatic?

To determine this, MediaRadar leveraged its ad sales intelligence platform to examine thousands of brands placing ads programmatically in Q1 2018. MediaRadar also compared those numbers to Q1 2017 to determine annual changes across the category. The study’s results are as follows.

75% of all brands buy programmatically

According to MediaRadar data, in Q1 2018, three-quarters (75%) of all brands tracked placed digital ads programmatically.

“Despite concerns over transparency, advertisers continue to invest in programmatic,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO & Co-founder, MediaRadar. “It is the preferred method for transacting media for many advertisers and it doesn’t appear to be changing.”

Amazon leads the way in programmatic ad buys

MediaRadar found that the top programmatic advertiser by spend was online retailer Amazon. Amazon alone accounted for 10% of the spend of the top-50 programmatic advertisers in Q1 2018, spending 1.5x more than the next biggest programmatic spender, Microsoft. The top-10 programmatic advertisers were:

  1. Amazon
  2. Microsoft
  3. Wayfair
  4. TaxAct
  5. Charles Schwab
  6. Weight Watchers
  7. Sprint
  8. Coors Light
  9. Geico
  10. Dell

“Big brands are buying programmatically and Amazon is leading the space,” said Krizelman. “Amazon is the top ad spender in retail, pouring billions into marketing.2 A big piece of that pie is dedicated to programmatic.”

Additionally, 94% of the top-50 programmatic spenders in Q1 2017 were running programmatic placements again in Q1 2018. The list includes companies like Walmart, Microsoft and Verizon.

“Everyone is talking about brand safety, yet the programmatic market has remained fairly stable year-over-year,” added Krizelman. “Significant changes in the form of exits or reduced spending have been few and far between.”

Native programmatic up 10% YoY

As more media is being transacted programmatically, native buying is also becoming increasingly automated. Of the brands that ran native ads in Q1 2018, 42% placed all of their native programmatically — up 10% compared to Q1 2017.

“Continued use of programmatic is being enabled, in part, by native’s popularity, and the streamlining of buying native programmatically,” said Krizelman. “Scale and an intensive sales process used to be native’s biggest challenge. But programmatic has solved those issues.”

MediaRadar offers a suite of tools that provide sales intelligence directly to media and ad tech sales personnel, as well as, new business development executives at agencies. The company tailors its products to support broadcasters, dotcoms, ad tech companies, magazines, newspapers, and mobile media companies.

The platform’s intelligence capabilities are powered by a proprietary combination of AI and machine learning. Through its technology, MediaRadar distills multi-channel campaign intelligence into actionable competitive insights, brand analysis, and prospecting reports, all in one easy-to-use platform. Users leverage these insights to identify the best prospects, build and nurture stronger relationships with clients, and close more business.

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