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average cost of a 30 second ad spot during super bowl

Super Bowl ads pricier than ever, despite NFL ratings dip

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Yahoo Finance – The story of the NFL this season was all about television ratings. Viewership fell throughout the regular season, even after the election, and ended down some 8% on average.


The ‘360’ ad strategy and creating a moment

While many of the same brands are back for this year, they are very clearly trying to create big, buzzy moments by doing something different.

told the New York Times. It’s all run of the road now for Super Bowl advertisers: you can no longer simply buy the ad slot, you also must create a 360-degree assault on consumers.

Taking a different approach

Frito-Lay, for example, ran a Doritos ad in the past 10 Super Bowls, but won’t have one this time. Instead, it produced three digital spots starring NFL players, and created a drunk-driving awareness program in partnership with Uber and MADD that involves chip bags with alcohol sensors on them. And Frito-Lay’s parent company PepsiCo isn’t running any in-game ad for the Pepsi brand (though Pepsi is the halftime show sponsor), instead using its 30 seconds to promote LIFEWTR.

Viewership at the moment Aflac’s ad runs will certainly not be as high as whatever the peak during the game will be, but it might be pretty close. “With Luke Bryan performing, we think people will sit down with their snacks, and be ready, and they’ll be watching,” says Galuppo.

Ratings were down, but not ‘bad’

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