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2017 native advertising technology landscape

The Native Advertising Technology Landscape is Bigger than Expected

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Native Advertising Institute – In a previous post, Douglas Karr asked, What is Native Advertising? In the article, Douglas featured our latest infographic detailing the entire native advertising technology landscape. This infographic contains 272 companies that touch native in some way.

To discover all of these companies I scoured the Internet and viewed hundreds of websites. The task was daunting and tedious. The result was the below infographic. For a thorough understanding of the methodology deployed and definitions used please see the original unveiling here.


After all that research, I was pretty confident we captured almost all of the companies in native ad tech. In the days and weeks following publication, we received a glutton of comments about companies we missed. In total, we missed 21 companies that should have been included in the infographic.

For this, we apologize and want to ensure those companies and all other interested parties that the additional native ad tech brands have been noted for the next infographic. I’d like to take this opportunity to share the 21 native advertising technology vendors we missed in our research.


1. Carambola – In-feed native advertising units. Includes quizzes, tips and other engaging forms of interactive content.
2. – Native ad platform for both buyers and sellers.
3. Netline – B2B lead generation platform. Uses native advertising and other channels within their network of 15K web properties.
4. PowerInbox – Features native email ad units.
5. Semilo – A Dutch company specializing in native and non-native ad units in the Netherlands.
6. Seeding Alliance – A German native advertising network working with publishers and advertisers alike.
7. Tremor Video – A premium video marketplace for native advertising. For both buyers and sellers.
8. Zedo – Global ad platform with native and non-native support
9. Ad2Games – Specializes in advertising for PC and console games. Includes both native and non-native units. White-glove service layer.

Mobile Programmatic/Networks/SSPs/Exchanges

10. Avocarrot – Programmatic native ad exchange for mobile app developers and publishers. Global.
11. LoopMe – Mobile video platform for native and non-native units.
12. Mobvious – Mobile native and non-native platform with focus in much of Europe and US Hispanic market.

DSPs / Managed Services Technology

13. Geode – A UK based native only programmatic demand side platform with global reach.
14. Mabaya – Focuses on sponsored products in the ecommerce/e-tail space.
15. – Native and non-native units specializing in localized programmatic.

Social Media

16. Xing – A professional network similar to LinkedIn. Very popular in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Native Advertising Intelligence

17. Pay Per Trail – Native advertising spy tool. Discover how competitors are advertising.

Influencer Advertising

18. Nevaly – Connects brands and influencers for content creation and distribution. Facilitates the financial transaction.

Anti-Ad Blocking

19. Instart Logic – Helps recover lost ad revenue. Anti-ad blocker with added security features.

Content Discovery Optimization (for publishers)

20. Brax – A/B testing platform for scaled content discovery optimization across networks.

Native Sales Enablement (CRM)

21. MediaRadar – A comprehensive ad sales intelligence and planning suite.

With these additional 21 companies the native advertising technology landscape for 2017 is officially at 293 companies. While it’s true that consolidation is happening in this space, all signs point to this being even bigger next year. According to AdYouLike, in 2018 they’ll be over $59 billion spent globally on native advertising.

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