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Trends in Primetime Programming: June – September 2016



MediaRadar, the ad sales intelligence company that tracks how ad dollars are spent, took a look at advertisers that are on both national TV and YouTube. Here’s what they found:

 – 14% percent of companies that bought ads on national television from June – September 2016 also purchased ads on YouTube. This is surprisingly low. It suggests that campaigns running across the two formats are not necessarily coordinated. Large TV advertisers like Geico,Best Buy, Verizon, and Anheuser-Busch all advertised on both formats.
– Of the Top 10 companies advertising on National TV, all but one advertised on YouTube during the same time period. Pifizer was the only company of the top 10 national TV advertisers that didn’t purchase ads on the top 25 YouTube channels.
– Since June 2016, 588 companies have advertised 1,133 product lines through the top 25 YouTube channels.
Verizon was a top three advertiser on both formats. Naturally, Verizon advertised Fios, their high-speed internet service, the most on YouTube. However, they also advertised their wireless services, the Verizon streaming app, go90, and their original digital series, Rush: Inspired By Battlefield and Transformers Combiner