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Trends in Primetime Programming – Sep 1-13, 2016




MediaRadar, the ad sales intelligence company that tracks how ad dollars are spent for print, digital, mobile, and TV clients, took a look at which shows the big four networks are advertising on TV, sharing their findings with Cynopsis Digital.

MediaRadar: Key Findings for Cynopsis, Sep 1-13, 2016:
Morning programming under-promoted? ABC is actively promoting their morning shows The View, Live! With Kelly, and Good Morning America.  Out of 72 programs getting promotion on ABC, all three made the Top 10. This was 201 spots in almost 2 weeks. However ABC’s strategy is stand-alone. No other network did any marketing for morning shows that made it to their Top 10, not even NBC’s Today’s Show.
Supporting for new programming is strong. Networks have
made it a big priority to support their newest shows. This makes
sense based on last year’s challenges. For example:
Designated Survivor, Speechless, MacGyver, Harry, Son of Zorn, and
This Is Us all claimed either the most or second-to-most promotional activity.
Median number of spots was 152 over almost 2 weeks.
New programming insights. Across the four major networks, MediaRadar
analyzed the Top 10 shows that get the most promotional airtime. Back on May 16,
2016 FOX announced their new fall line, proclaiming more original programming
than anyone. This has proved true. Across ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, FOX is
devoting much more promo time to original programming or to more original
programs. The most support is going to Harry, Son of Zorn, Pitch, Lethal
, and The Exorcist.