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Trends in TV Promo for Fall Season


MediaRadar, the ad sales intelligence company that tracks how ad dollars are spent for print, digital, mobile, and TV clients, took a look at which shows the big four networks are advertising on TV, sharing their findings with Cynopsis Digital. Here’s what they found:– New vs. Existing Programming. CBS and FOX marketed more new TV shows whereas ABCand NBC marketed their more successful existing programming. For example, NBC is marketing The Voice above all other programming.

– House Ads Marketing. There’s no “standard” playbook. CBS and ABC led all networks in the number of commercial airings for their programming so far in September.  The difference is striking, with CBS and ABC airing fully 50% more spots than the nearest competition (approx. 1,500 vs. 1,000).
– Concentration analysis.  While the number of spots may vary, The Top 10 shows benefit from 50% of total house spots across, respectively, NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX.  It’s uncanny.  Literally it’s the identical percentage across all four networks.
– Top Marketed Shows. ABC and CBS both had 3 shows with over 100 TV commercial airings in the first 10 days of the month. With 170 airings, FOX’s Harry was the most marketed show of any network.  Additional top marketed shows include Designated Survivor, Speechless and Dancing With The Stars for ABC, and MacGyver, The Big Bang Theory, andThe Case of Jon Benet Ramseyfor CBS.
Courtesy of MediaRadar, take a look at the chart below: