Ad Agency Delivers Unprecedented Results

Ad agencies eat, sleep, and breathe in the now.

Outdated advertising and competitive reports simply provide a snapshot in time, making it near impossible to formulate timely –and accurate- client decisions.

By leveraging real-time competitive insights, the agency was empowered to make quicker, more informed client based decisions around new partnership opportunities, ad messaging and creative, and more. New client pitches were far more specific, detailing numerous examples of strategic opportunities and threats that should be responded to.  Indeed, realizing near immediate time and cost savings by freeing staff from the manual research process didn’t hurt, either.

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Without MediaRadar we would not be nearly as effective for our clients. It provides near limitless, comprehensive information. If you are running ads, have clients running ads, or want to thoroughly understand competitors you need this unbelievably valuable tool.

-Director of Planning & Digital Media.