Vitamin Brand Differentiates Product Line

The vitamin and supplement industry is highly competitive and fragmented, with players large and small alike fighting for market share in a space that continues to grow.

To stay ahead, savvy marketers are tasked with developing a cohesive strategy that not only differentiates their brand but also raises it above the noise.

Although an enterprise objective, the brand struggled to keep track of their competitors, from new product introductions to marketing strategy to messaging.  As a result they often found themselves reactively responding to threats versus proactively leading.

Using MediaRadar to fully automate their competitive research process, the brand was easily able to understand and act on the real-time strategies of their competitors.  Being fed actual print and online creative empowered the team to develop a quirky, viral campaign that helped to differentiate their product line.  Realizing near immediate time and productivity efficiencies didn’t hurt, either.

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Our old process of manually searching for and indexing competitive data was simply not scalable. With MediaRadar we now spend our time acting and leading versus gathering and reacting.

-Director of Integrated Insights