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Stack Rank Your Qualified Leads

Instantly uncover brands that purchase ads programmatically and see which DSPs, SSPs, exchanges or native platforms they are currently working with. You can also find new leads by region or product category

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View Distribution of Spend from MediaRadar

Easily see how your prospects are allocating their advertising budgets and which product lines they are focused on. Quickly see if they value linear TV, digital, mobile, email, print or programmatic.

Compare CPM’s Within Specific Product Categories or Across the Board

MediaRadar also reveals which advertising formats have the highest pricing currently. You can see how CPMs are shifting over time and when any brand pays their highest prices. Use this to help you strategize when to bring on new clients.

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MediaRadar is a Game-Changer

Make MediaRadar your choice for Advertising Intelligence and Sales Enablement – Keep your sales pipeline full of qualified leads, create a compelling sales pitch leveraging MediaRadar’s accurate and timely ad insights, get accurate contact information for Media Buyers and perfectly price your ad the first time!