Easily Create Email Outreach That Will Get Noticed

MediaRadar’s Outreach Writer will create email templates that are completely custom to the needs of your prospects. This powerful tool pairs best practice advice for creating compelling emails with MediaRadar’s relevant advertising insights to create copy recommendations that won’t get lost in your prospects’ cluttered inboxes.

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Price Your Digital Inventory to Sell Every Time

Overcoming pricing objections is easy when you know what CPM your prospect is currently paying. MediaRadar supplies expert CPM estimates for standard and premium inventory based on real programmatic insertion data from consume publishers.

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Seamless Salesforce Integration

MediaRadar has a full contact and ad spend integration with Salesforce. There is no need to upload CSV files, and it is quick and easy to enable. Through this integration you can effectively score accounts, manage your market potential, and ensure your contact information is always up to date.

Connect with the Right Contacts at the Right Time

Let MediaRadar connect you with key media buying personnel at your prospects and the agencies that represent them. Uncover talking points and career highlights to help you make a connection. We will even alert you of any changes or updates to the contacts you care about most.

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MediaRadar is ROI Driven and We’ll Prove It

As your partner, we don’t win unless you do. MediaRadar provides clients with a Quarterly Business Review where we will not only discuss your team’s usage of the platform and best practices for success, but we will also provide a quantitative Return- On- Investment (ROI) analysis detailing MediaRadar’s impact on your revenue.