Golf Digest Unlocks the Value of Editorial

Research teams play a key role in any publication’s advertising sales.

The data and analysis provided to sales teams helps drastically cut down on the amount of time spent researching prospects so they can focus on closing deals.

The Golf Digest research team looked to MediaRadar to help them leverage their own editorial content to uncover new prospects and win new business. In just seconds, the team was able to prepare a “Look Book” showcasing the editorial support, “Edit Credits”, they provided to the brands they write about the most. They were able to quickly quantify the value of their editorial support to the brand and used this to prove they were a great fit and major advocate for the advertiser’s business. Competitive analysis helped them to understand whether or not the competition was generating more opportunity with a given brand, and how their coverage of certain editorial topics could help attract new advertisers.

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Just wanted to let you know that I love the edit credits and I have truly been using them to my advantage. My biggest account, Titleist, has triple the amount of edit credits than our competitor Golf Magazine. We showed them and they were floored. And it is going to help us to grow market share tremendously next year.

-ROBERT DeSALVO, Golf Digest