Good Housekeeping finds Growth Opportunities

Publication researchers are tasked with juggling a number of priorities.

Compiling information for analysis and reports is no easy -or quick- task, especially when one of your main objectives is to keep the sales pipeline full.

A busy research director at one of the top consumer publications manages the accounts for a large sales team.  MediaRadar provided the tools necessary to quickly assess the health of the advertising categories that matter most to her publication. She was instantly able to identify which categories had the most new brands advertising, as well as which brands were increasing their investment in print and online advertising in Good Housekeeping and its competitors. MediaRadar’s easy-to-use market share reports enabled the research director to view her publication’s share of any advertising category and evaluate the state of any brands in seconds, helping to stay ahead of the competition. Empowered by MediaRadar, the entire research team was able to spend less time collecting and analyzing data, and more time implementing an informed strategy.

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MediaRadar has just made my life so much easier and makes me look like a rock star! The tool is an extremely helpful in helping track competitive data, prepare reports and look for prospects. The data is very timely and is always accurate.

-TERRY SALIMBENE, Research Director, Good Housekeeping