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Learn to Sell a Cross-Platform Experience

Learn to Sell a Cross-Platform Experience


How many advertisers have already made the leap to cross-platform? What percent are scaling ads across digital and TV? Or placing ads on TV-owned websites? In the first half of 2016, there were 49,305 digital advertisers! The sheer volume of digital advertisers has huge market power and influence.

Learn how to sell advertisers on a cross-platform experience. Single screen ads just aren’t enough anymore.

Download now:

  • Leverage more high-CPM and innovative ad formats
  • See what cross-channel combinations advertisers prefer
  • Learn how to scale across the marketplace for all industries
  • Understand how integration is changing advertiser budgets
  • Identify early adopters and target accordingly
  • Pitch cross-platform effectively


MediaRadar is a multimedia ad sales intelligence tool— that will help you uncover new prospects, create custom pitches and includes detailed competitive analysis.