Understand Your Prospect’s Programmatic Buying Strategy

MediaRadar will show you typical CPM range paid by any brand and how they compare to category or format averages. This will help you understand if your prospects typically spend more or less than others for their programmatic ads.

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Get Inventory Pricing Recommendations from MediaRadar

See how ad pricing is shifting due to changing market conditions. MediaRadar will recommend a CPM range for any advertiser. You will also know exactly how high you can go before out pricing the competition for your premium inventory. There is no need to guess what CPM your competition is charging for their ad inventory.

Compare CPM’s Within Specific Product Categories or Across the Board

MediaRadar also reveals which advertising formats have the highest pricing currently. You can see how CPMs are shifting over time and when any brand pays their highest prices. Use this to help you strategize when to bring on new clients.

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MediaRadar is a Game-Changer

Make MediaRadar your choice for Advertising Intelligence and Sales Enablement – Keep your sales pipeline full of qualified leads, create a compelling sales pitch leveraging MediaRadar’s accurate and timely ad insights, get accurate contact information for Media Buyers and perfectly price your ad the first time!