Mobile Cross-Screen Ad Placement Trends from Late Summer 2015

Mobile Cross-Screen Ad Placement Trends from Late Summer 2015

There are 10,137 total Mobile advertisers in Q3 of 2015, alone. MediaRadar was able to make observations, uncover trends and dig into how advertisers really buy by looking into Mobile expansions from late summer.

Most Mobile advertisers are buying across platforms since MediaRadar discovered that only 11% of advertisers were just advertising on mobile. Here are some examples of cross platform buying in conjunction with Mobile.


The most common type of blended selling was buying Mobile with Desktop at 62.1%.

Of the 36,505 total Desktop advertisers, 25% of desktop advertisers are buying mobile as well. This is an excellent example of integrated buying.


In addition to that, of those 25% of desktop advertisers, only 12% of them were sold to the same brand’s mobile sites. This is a critical upsell opportunity.


In further examining the data, 70% of advertisers are buying on 5 or less sites.


Lastly, MediaRadar discovered that, overall, Mobile campaigns are decidedly shorter than desktop campaigns—15% shorter to be exact.