About MediaRadar

“Raw” data is good, information you can use right now is better. MediaRadar makes it happen.

MediaRadar is a cloud-based (SaaS) tool created by Todd Krizelman and Jesse Keller in 2006 to address a real need in ad sales: Taking the guesswork out of the process by using in depth analysis to create personalized insights and advice. This single-platform solution distills multimedia ad sales data into competitive insights, brand analysis, prospecting reports, and more that are used by ad sales professionals, management and research teams.

Today, MediaRadar offers comprehensive ad sales intelligence for over 2.3 million brands across multiple media platforms including online, online video, e-newsletter, print, trade shows and social media. Our 1,200 clients enjoy unparalleled quality and award-winning customer service that helps them identify sales opportunities, create bulletproof pitches, and get the most from every sale. MediaRadar also offers custom solutions and data licensing for use in market research, sales intelligence, ad compliance, and equity markets.

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