Reports: YouTube, Snapchat use on the rise

Two big winners from the digital space in 2020 are YouTube and Snapchat, which both fared well throughout the pandemic in engaging consumers which, in turn, brought more advertisers to their tables. Here's the breakdown.


MediaRadar Wins Two Stevie® Awards

MediaRadar wins two Stevie Awards for Customer for amazing customer service.


Podcasts Give Advertisers a Unique, Direct Line to Consumers

New MediaRadar report highlights 2020's biggest winners in podcast advertising.


COVID-19’s Impact On Travel Ad Spending

The ongoing fallout of COVID-19, including travel bans and quarantines, has caused the airline business to bleed money and marketers to scale back ad spend.


MediaRadar Wins 2021 BIG Innovation Award

MediaRadar has been awarded a 2021 BIG Innovation Award presented by the Business Intelligence Group for the second straight year.


Media Industry Predictions for 2021: OTT, video, social and more

Looking ahead to this new year, we predict there will be some major turning points, particularly in OTT, social media, video and conferences. Here at MediaRadar we’ve taken a look back at 2020’s unique advertising trends and predicted what 2021 will bring.


Retailers Dole Out More Ad Dollars on Digital This Past Holiday Season

Marketing platform LiveIntent teamed with MediaRadar to dig into how the pandemic impacted advertising during the recent holiday shopping season.

Ad Age

Sony’s Playstation 5 Outspent Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Three to One in Launch Ads

The two-week period ahead of the console launches was the video gaming category’s most active in 2020.

The Motley Fool

Snap Is Spending $1 Million a Day to Chase TikTok

Snap recently launched Spotlight, a new platform for user-created videos within Snapchat, in nearly a dozen countries. The new feature will curate the "most entertaining" Snaps from Snapchat users and broadcast them to viewers based on their preferences and favorite videos.


Tiger Woods won’t play in The Match 3, but the show’s producer hopes to make it an annual Black Friday event

This year, outside of college football games, the four major pro sports leagues are off. In a typical year, NBA and NHL games are usually played on Black Friday, but with Covid-19 impacting schedules, MediaRadar CEO Todd Krizelman said the Match is a great investment for advertisers looking for eyeballs.