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Snapchat Discover Channels

New forms of advertising continue to pop up on what seems like a daily basis. On our phones, on our TV's and in our ears. In recent months, one of the biggest trends in advertising has been the adoption of Snapchat's new and unique ad inventory. From location-based filters to interactive videos, and on, Snapchat advertising provides brands with practices not previously available. Typically, Snapchat advertisers look to target the teen to early-20's demographic. Recent statistics suggest, however, that there still may be substantial room for Snapchat advertising to grow - about half of all new Snapchat users are 25 years or older, signally a more diverse set of users. From November 2017, through the end of January 2018, MediaRadar observed 397 brands placing video ads on Snapchat's 52 Discover Channels. The average brand placed ads on between four and five Discover Channels. Within that three month span, iHeart Radio was the most popular amongst advertisers, as 61 brands placed ads on their channel. We decided to look at the rest of the top ten channels by number of brands placing ads, to see if there were any notable trends.


Facebook vs. Snapchat: 5 Panel Takeaways

On April 5th, 2018, MediaRadar hosted a panel to discuss the state of the media industry following the recent, sweeping changes made by Facebook.


Facebook: Are Advertisers Leaving the Social Network?

To say the least, Facebook has been in the news quite a bit recently. And while that may not come as a surprise to many, the conversation surrounding the platform and its content is one that is still very important for publishers and their advertisers. In recent months, Facebook has been roasting in the spotlight of the general public, as concerns surfaced over the platform's user-privacy, data-leaking, and potential role in the 2016 U.S. Election. It's proven to be the most intense scrutiny put on any platform in the relatively brief lifespan of social media.