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Google Advertising: What Exactly is Chrome Blocking?

About midway through 2017, Google made an announcement that, come 2018, it's extremely popular web browser, Chrome, would instill stricter ad blocking standards. The announcement raised speculation, as publishers and advertisers were left to wonder exactly what types of ads would be getting blocked on Chrome, and how Google would handle violators.


Snapchat Advertising: A History of Vertical Innovation

Today, Snapchat is one of the fastest growing mobile messaging and social media networks in the world. The app was originally launched in 2011, allowing its users to send temporary photo messages to one another. From day one, Snapchat was purely mobile.


Snapchat Trends Upward: Where are advertisers investing?

If one thing is clear in the brand and publisher space for 2018, it's that the media mix is shifting. As new platforms continue to enter the advertising space, there’s more and more for brands, publishers, and ad sales teams to consider in knowing where advertisers want to be.


Snapchat Advertising Explained: What’s For Sale?

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media networks, currently valued at about $18 billion. It’s also one of the fastest growing platforms for mobile advertisers. The number of brands advertising on Snapchat is rising very quickly. These brands seek to target the platform’s youthful audience – 71% of current users are under the age of 34.


Top 3 Mobile Advertisers

Today’s consumers are always digitally connected, even when “on the go,” so it’s no surprise that advertisers are becoming more interested in mobile ad formats.