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Top 3 Mobile Advertisers

Today’s consumers are always digitally connected, even when “on the go,” so it’s no surprise that advertisers are becoming more interested in mobile ad formats.

In Q1 2017, MediaRadar saw overall digital advertisers decrease by 8% YOY. Much of this decrease is attributed to a 12% drop in programmatic ad buying. As we know, programmatic advertising struggled in the first half of 2017 due to concerns surrounding brand safety. Despite the overall drop, we did see an increase in High CPM formats, like native and email advertising.

Further adding to the digital advertising mix, TechCrunch reports that US consumers now spend 5 hours each day on their mobile devices. Therefore, it isn’t surprising MediaRadar found an 8% increase YOY in the number of mobile advertisers.


With a total of 33,141 mobile advertisers in 2016, it is clear that mobile is eliciting favorable engagement from consumers. The top mobile advertisers by number of placements in 2016 were Brown-Forman (9,654), Time Warner (8,757), and Anheuser-Busch (7,105).


Considering US consumers’ continued dependence on mobile devices, advertisers will continue to noticeably increase efforts towards mobile ad formats. For example, we expect to see continued growth in mobile ad formats like Vertical Video.