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Google Advertising: What Exactly is Chrome Blocking?

About midway through 2017, Google made an announcement that, come 2018, it's extremely popular web browser, Chrome, would instill stricter ad blocking standards. The announcement raised speculation, as publishers and advertisers were left to wonder exactly what types of ads would be getting blocked on Chrome, and how Google would handle violators.


Facebook: Are Advertisers Leaving the Social Network?

To say the least, Facebook has been in the news quite a bit recently. And while that may not come as a surprise to many, the conversation surrounding the platform and its content is one that is still very important for publishers and their advertisers. In recent months, Facebook has been roasting in the spotlight of the general public, as concerns surfaced over the platform's user-privacy, data-leaking, and potential role in the 2016 U.S. Election. It's proven to be the most intense scrutiny put on any platform in the relatively brief lifespan of social media.


4 Ways to Master Valentine’s Day Advertising with Social Media

Before the existence of social media, there weren't so many occasions. So many "Days," and things to celebrate. To put it plainly, there was once a time where occasions were just that... Occasional.


The Evolution of Social Advertising in a World of Fake Ads

Social media has quite literally become its own world. And that has never been more important for advertisers. "Nuclear buttons," Twitter rants, fake news, and "trolls" have filled the social media landscape of late, leaving many advertisers asking, "how exactly did we get here?"


A full-scale advertising boycott of YouTube? A Post Mortem.


Like you, we read those articles last month threatening a full advertiser boycott of YouTube last month (for example, here), fall-out from poor editorial controls. We were curious to see if the list of brands that said they were boycotting actually went through with it.  And what impact did that have on YouTube’s overall sales? The results surprised us. Posted below is a quick summary.