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12 Ads ‘til New Years: 1 Partner in Ad Sales

12 Ads ‘til New Years: 1 Partner in Ad Sales

It’s New Years Eve and we’ve made it to our final post in our countdown series. For those who haven’t been following, we’ve been bringing in the end of the year with a series: 12 Days ‘til New Years. Swapping Christmas for New Years, and exotic gifts for more practical advertising highlights, we wrote 12 blog posts to the tune of the traditional holiday song. 

Happy New Years! We’ve made it. The end of 2020 is here. 

There are some years that truly do stand out as distinct from all others—and 2020 certainly will be remembered as one. For many, it was a year of struggle and discomfort—whether that was working at home with children, having to change jobs, or being expected to do more with less. For others, the challenges of 2020 were difficult, but they also brought on new and exciting ways of doing business. 

Beyond work, we know that many have experienced deep loss and sickness this year. We recognize this reality and our hearts go out to those whose ‘normal’ will not return, even with an available vaccine. 

We know that it’s been a demanding year for many individuals, families, and businesses, and we truly hope that 2021 will be a year of change (but not in the sudden, overwhelming way it was this year). Perhaps, what we mean, is that we hope for an equilibrium of sort—not a complete return to our ‘old normal,’ nor an overwhelming ‘new normal’—but to a normal that feels stable, safe, and well-adjusted.  

With that, we truly want to say thank you for trusting us this year. We’re grateful to each of our partners who went through an unstable year, and we hope to continue providing you value as the advertising industry evolves in a post-COVID world. To finalize our countdown to New Years, we’re bringing you one last blog in our series. To wrap up what we’ve covered so far…

On the first day of ‘New Years’, MediaRadar sent to me:

And today, on the twelfth day of New Years, we bring you: 1 partner for your sales team!

MediaRadar: Your Partner in Ad Sales

We are dedicated to being your partner in ad sales by providing an all-in-one ad sales enablement platform for ad tech, emerging media, and event marketing. That’s why we are constantly growing to include rapidly growing formats like OTT, and it’s why we write up posts each week detailing developments within B2B, ad tech, and consumer media.

That’s also why—when COVID-19 hit, we quickly revamped our backend processes to be able to give you even more up-to-date advertising data when buying trends were changing rapidly.  

With our platform and unique data, we help you and your sales team identify ad sales opportunities — and close on those deals with robust insight. With MediaRadar, you can find the best prospects, see where they advertise, and deliver a compelling pitch that outshines your competitors.

If you want a peek into just how insightful our data tools can be, take a look at the resources built on top of our research:

Trend Reports: From the latest changes caused by the pandemic to emerging advertising trends in the OTT space, our trend reports give you what you need to coordinate ad sales effectively.

Top Advertisers: Quickly identify which brands control the largest ad budgets across linear TV, digital, print and social media.

Want more? Check out our ROI Calculator to see how MediaRadar’s sales enablement platforms can create growth for your company.

Thank you!

Again, from our team to yours, thank you! As this abnormal year comes to a close, we are grateful for your cooperation, feedback, and affirmation as we continue to build a useful sales enablement tool for you and your sales team.

With that, we wrap up MediaRadar’s annual 12 Ads ‘til New Years! We’re sad to see it go, but we are looking forward to what 2021 brings.

More than 2,000 media and ad tech companies rely on MediaRadar to close more deals on a daily basis. Will you be one of them in 2021?

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