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10 CPG Brands That Suddenly Stopped Advertising on Facebook During Q1 2022

There are numerous reasons why an advertiser may adjust their media buying, including seasonality, new strategy, change in product focus – the list goes on and on. Sometimes, advertisers just want to try something new and see how it works. Media Buyers within the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry (CPG) are no strangers to shaking up their media mix.

The CPG industry saw numerous shifts in advertising investment throughout the pandemic. As the pandemic is hopefully coming to an end, consumer buying patterns are forever changed in some ways, but also continue to evolve.

For example, below you will find 10 CPG brands that stopped advertising on Facebook during Q1 2022.

1. Lauren Conrad Beauty Co This beauty brand, started by television personality Lauren Conrad, spent nearly $664k on Facebook ad buys in Q4 2021. In the past 12 months the brand  invested over $1.4mm in Facebook ads, as well as a small amount ($2k) in display ads – both of which were new investments for them.

2. Bangn Body, the sustainable (cruelty free & vegan) skincare brand spent almost $483mm on Facebook, <$300 in native ads and $50 in display ads in Q4 2021. Over the past 12 months, the brand spent nearly  $708k and did not shift their spend to any other formats.

3. Sun Shrimp was created in 2013 and comprises a team of about 100 farmers located on an island off of the southwest coast of Florida. The cultured and freshly harvested, chemical free shrimp brand spent nearly $370k on Facebook in Q4 2021. During the past 12 months, they spent over $464k on Facebook ads.

4. Desirable is a woman’s fragrance that is part of Lise Watier Fragrances’ collection. The brand spent nearly $350 thousand on Facebook ads in Q4 2021. Over the past 12 months Desirable spent over $470k and didn’t invest in any other forms of advertising – indicating that in Q4 2021 Lise Watier Fragrances was ramping up spend for this brand.

5. My Teeth Whitening Store is an online store that focuses on a variety of professional teeth whitening products. The online brand spent over $300k on Facebook ads in Q4 2021. Over the past 12 months  over $563k was spent on Facebook ads. The social platform is the only format receiving ad spend from My Teeth Whitening Store. 

6. Madeca Derma is a skincare brand focused on wound-care. The brand spent nearly $295k on Facebook ads in Q4 2021. Over the past 12 months the brand  spent over $324 thousand on Facebook ads in total.

7. Simulate, Inc is the maker of Spicy Nuggs and Nuggs brand vegan chicken nuggets. The “Nuggs” maker’s spending on Facebook ads in Q4 2021 exceeded $237 thousand. Over the past 12 months, Simulate spent almost $282k on Facebook.

8. Olight Technology Olight is a global technology driven lighting company and a leader in the headlamp and flashlight space. Olight spent almost $312 thousand on Facebook ads in Q4 2021. Since April of 2021, Olight spent nearly $277k with Facebook, $175k+ on online video, over $33k on digital display, $6.3k on native advertising and nearly $2.5k on OTT. Olight Technology may have a Master Service Agreement in place with YouTube. In the past 12 months Olight spent a total of  nearly $495k advertising its brands.

9. Mederma creates category leading scar reduction treatment products. The brand spent over $234 thousand on Facebook ads in Q4 2021. Since April of 2021, Mederma has spent $266k+ on Facebook, over $97k on online video, over $18k in print and over $5 thousand on digital display ads. The brand’s total spend over the past 12 months exceeds $386k. We predict two upcoming RFPs for Mederma. See when.

10. EMK Beverly Hills is a cosmetic products manufacturer in Beverly Hills, California. EMK spent over $234k on Facebook ads in Q4 2021, and in the past 12 months. spend exceeded $286 thousand on Facebook ads –  the only format the cosmetics manufacturer invested in.